Qualify For A Donation

VerVe Lifestyle Salons takes pride in contributing to many non-profit causes in the Tucson Community. We commit excellence to our community through giving.

Our selected areas of emphasis have been developed from our business philosophies, employee and client concerns. These include independent community children’s health and welfare organizations, Cancer and AIDS research, selected women’s welfare organizations and selected community crisis centers and outreach programs.

To be eligible for VerVe Lifestyle Salons Donations, organizations must

1.             Qualify for non-profit status under the internal revenue code.
2.             Benefit the Tucson community.
3.             Satisfy VerVe Lifestyle Salons that the project or program is not a duplication of another program.
4.             All requests must be submitted at least 4 months prior to event.

Unfortunately, we are fully committed in our budget and not able to donate to:
• Individuals
• Schools
• Political causes
• Beauty pageants
• Religious organizations
• Team sponsorships or competitions
• Class reunions

If your organization meets the above requirements, we ask you submit your request for donation to us:
• In writing, a concise description of your organization and the nature of your request including purpose and objectives on event letter head.
• Date of event or funding period.
• Contact Information, must include email address (response will be sent via email).
• Proof of non-profit status under the Internal Revenue code.
• The monetary goal your event is trying to reach.
• Please note, we cannot accept phone calls about donations

The VerVe Lifestyle Salons Donation Committee evaluates requests on a quarterly basis, some last minute requests may not be eligible during the same funding year. Please note, Gadabout has a set budget for donations. On occasion, this budget is exceeded and donation requests may not be honored.

Contributions to a project or program imply no further commitment. Direct any requests, questions, inquiries or applications in writing to the VerVe Lifestyle Salons Resource Center, or complete the online submission form below.
     Gadabout SalonSpas, Resource Center
     Attn: Donations Committee

     3100 N. 1st Ave.
     Tucson, AZ. 85719