TGR 3600 Iconic - Silver


A Professional Hair Dryer For All Day Use. The Velecta Paramount TGR3600i is one of the smallest, ultra light and most powerful professional blow dryers in the world. The powerful 1600W DC Motor provides airspeeds up to 75 mph, while still light enough to enable a total dryer weight of 12 ounces. The Ion Generator can be toggled ON or OFF to create a frizz-less look, or to maximize volume. Control your blow out as you see fit. With 2 Speed Settings (Hi, Low) and 4 Temperature Settings (Including the Cool Shot Button), the dryer provides maximum flexibility for whatever situation you're in. The dryer is hand made in France to ensure the highest quality production possible. Dryer comes packaged with 2 nozzles; one for fast drying, the other for precision work.